Paid Search

The proliferation of online content over various media coupled with advancements in data analytics are making paid advertising more useful for businesses. To connect with prospects, brands must navigate a sea of online content and a myriad of mobile devices. Recognizing this, new products like Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns are redefining mobile as location based rather than device based, allowing businesses to target the right users in the right place at the right time.

Whether placed on web, social, mobile, video, online ads are more effective than traditional advertising for three reasons:

  • Efficiency: They provide a broader reach at a lower cost; your brand is able to micro-target various segments of its audience efficiently and cost-effectively, using the data gleaned to measure results.
  • Interactivity: Click-able ads encourage immediate and measurable action.
  • Proximity: With consumers carrying their mobile devices around the clock, your business can leverage sophisticated ad targeting techniques to get found when it matters most.

Recognizing the ability of web, social, mobile, and video ads to pique interest and stimulate chance discovery, we believe paid is a critical element of Targeted Discovery.