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SyneCore Team

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Sean Royer

CEO / Master Networker   

Sean Royer SyneCore CEO

An entrepreneur from birth, Sean was sketching out business plans while the other kids were playing in the sandbox. Sean earned his B.A. in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where he started a number of successful businesses, including December Clothing and Royer Events. As CEO of SyneCore, Sean is passionate about educating SMBs on the power of integrated digital marketing. A 2nd degree black-belt in Karate, Sean now sketches out marketing proposals while giving a karate-chop to the competition.

Sean Royer Traits

Sean Royer SyneCore CEO

Chris Horton

Content Creator / Digital Strategist   

A bit of an Anglophile, Chris studied history and philosophy at Oxford University before going on to earn a master’s degree in Mediaeval History from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Since rejoining the real world 15 years ago, Chris has held a number of management-level positions in sales and marketing. At SyneCore, Chris divides his time between digital strategy and content creation; at play, he divides his time between little-read and long-forgotten history books.

Spencer Ploessl

Designer / Digital Marketer   

SyneCore Graphic Designer Spencer Ploessl

Artist by inclination and graphic designer by trade, Spencer sees the world through a visual lens. Having earned his B.F.A in Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Spencer is always experimenting with near-future concepts. In short, Spencer knows digital. Currently, Spencer is tasked with managing SyneCore’s integrated digital marketing process. When not in the lab creating paradigm-shattering designs and social memes, Spencer’s interests include snowboarding, foosball, and sampling obscure craft beers.

Spencer Ploessl Traits

SyneCore Graphic Designer Spencer Ploessl

SyneCore Web Designer Jacey Gulden

Jacey Gulden

Web Designer / Brand Journalist   

Representing the new breed of uber-brand journalist, Jacey is a graduate from Indiana University with a BA in Journalism which included a focus on web and graphic design; she also earned two minors in Theater and Psychology. She uses this unique mix of communications experience and web development skill to design functional websites for SyneCore’s clients. Constantly seeking new sources of inspiration, in her free time Jacey can be found perusing Pinterest and interpreting life through Instagram.

Jacey Gulden Traits

Jordan Bruhn

Graphic Designer   

SyneCore Jordan Bruhn

A right brain creative with a mean left hook, Jordan received her BFA in graphic design from Minnesota State University Moorhead. An unapologetic tech nerd, she is constantly researching the latest design trends and catching up on the hottest marketing tips, both of which she effortlessly implements into her work at Synecore. When Jordan isn’t glued to her computer screen you can find her crushing Rockstars (the drinks) and catching the latest sports game on any one of the myriad of mobile devices found in her possession at any given time.

Jordan Bruhn

SyneCore Jordan Bruhn

SyneCore Kevin Page

Kevin Page

Project Manager & Business Development   

Born and raised in Minnesota, Kevin embraces a hybrid personality of #MinnesotaNice with a strong helping of #LetsKickAss. A recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, Duluth, Kevin earned a B.B.A. in Marketing while battling the blustery snows and icy wind chills of the frozen northland. Beginning his career in the financial industry, Kevin sought out a new path that would better utilize his confidence, competitive attitude, and passion for sales and marketing; to that end, he has found a home with the SyneCore team. He now stands as a key player in SyneCore’s ongoing quest to help companies great and small find success with integrated digital marketing. From networking events to tradeshows, Kevin implements inbound marketing methodology to nurture leads and build lasting relationships. Outside of the workplace, you can find Kevin in a state of constant disappointment as he cheers on his beloved Minnesota sports teams.

Kevin Page Traits

Alissa Hibst


Content Creator Alyssa Adkins

A self-proclaimed “artsy analyzer,” Alissa likes how
the world of marketing combines the creative flair with targeted solutions. A
natural born number cruncher, Alissa received her B.A. in Economics from the
University of Minnesota, minoring in Latin and Art for good measure. She
cherishes the challenge of collaborating with clients to create cogent content,
always careful to contemplate the calamitous consequences of alliterative
excess. When not researching the latest marketing technology
trends or exploring new vistas in the futuristic world of augmented reality,
Alissa can be found sipping strong coffee and thinking deep thoughts at one of
Minneapolis’ local coffee houses.

Alyssa Hibst Traits

Alissa Hibst

Content Creator Alyssa Adkins

Alyssa Adkins

Content Creator/Digital Marketer   

Content Creator Alyssa Adkins

While juggling a struggling rap career, Alyssa (or lyss.c, her self-proclaimed rapper name) is a junior at the University of St. Thomas pursuing a double major in Communications & Journalism and English, which allows her to do two things she loves: writing and talking about writing. She is excited to be spending some time with SyneCore Tech as a content creator, using her love of words and cheeky sense of humor to bring a fresh perspective to the marketing world. When she’s not writing a blog post or crafting a rad tweet, you can find Alyssa cheering on a good ‘ole hockey fight or in a headstand on her yoga mat.

Alyssa Adkins Traits

Ira Kaufman, PHD

Chief Marketing Strategist, Digital Transformation

Ira’s 35 years of marketing experience spans three worlds: business, nonprofit and education. Earning his PhD in Marketing and MA in Sociology under the mentorship of Dr. Philip Kotler at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Ira worked with Dr. Kotler to advance early initiatives in social marketing.

Since then, his work has focused on crafting social branding and Integrated Digital Marketing plans for SMEs and nonprofits. Visiting 34 countries as Executive Director for an international nonprofit, Ira developed a sensitivity to the diversity of cultures and values and how they translates into the effective strategic management and sustainability of organizations.

He has recently co-authored Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy, Tactics with Values with SyneCore Digital Strategist Chris Horton. Outside of marketing, is true passions are his two children, organic gardening, basketball and meditation.